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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Caring Animal Partner. Our  mission is to enhance the pleasure and well being of our elder groups, assist  in the development of skills for living in our younger groups and to provide  pet assisted therapy to those with special needs.

Prospective pet candidates need to be in good health, sociable, well  controlled, able to demonstrate basic obedience commands, and of steady  temperament. They need to be at least one year old and have been with the  owner/handler for one year.

At the eva140222CAP 008luation we will administer the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test  and our own Pet Aptitude Test. If you and your dog successfully complete these  tests you will be asked to do a supervised visit at a site and time convenient  to you. Then you will receive your official CAP ID and tag for your dog. We  visit in area nursing homes, adult day care facilities, and schools. You need to  have the time to commit to an hour visit at least once a month or more.

CAP evaluators only do evaluations; we do not offer any training  classes.  If you feel your dog would make  a great visitor but needs a little more training, please call an obedience instructor  to take some classes and contact us at a later date.   If there is more then one owner that may want to take the pet visiting  you both need to come to the evaluation.

The cost is $10 for the evaluation. Our  yearly membership fee to cover insurance and mailings is $20 for an individual  and $30 for a family.  To learn more about the evaluation process, review the certification documentation links on the right. Please fill out the Pet Partner Application and return to CAP. We also require copies of your latest vet records.

To learn about the next evaluation or to schedule an evaluation, contact Bob Moser
at or 603-927-4046.



  1. L. Fougere says:

    Your dogs do not have to be TDI certified? Do you have any affiliation w TDI?

  2. Mary Ann Kapalo says:

    I’m interested in your program with my Sheltie and want to know if the canine good citizen test is accepted by the AKC?

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